[feedhenry-dev] [MCP] Proposal for file storage service

Wojciech Trocki wtrocki at redhat.com
Sun Oct 15 17:31:48 UTC 2017

Hi lads

I'm representing RainCatcher team.  <http://raincatcher.feedhenry.io/>
As a team we are planning to work on the functionality that possibly may
also exist as MCP service.

*Introduction *

Ability to store files (large binary data) is really common for the mobile
In most of the corporate use cases files cannot be saved on the public
storage clouds like ICloud, Google drive etc.
Previous versions of RHMAP had unofficial version of the file storage
template that was widely used.

Adding file storage as service will directly address common problem for
most of the *corporate* *mobile* developers.
Ability to use file storage service behind Keycloak service may help to
validate security use cases.

*Technical details:*

Service will consist of the server side file server (similar to sync
Implementation will be delivered in TypeScript. Storage will use GridFS by
default, but it will be swappable by using interface.
Additionally service will provide client (Cordova for the moment but we may
support ReactNative in future)

*Is this service useful/interesting for MCP team?*

*RainCatcher Community request:*


As a team we need to deliver File/Image storage functionality, but also
make sure that it will be usable even outside RainCatcher solution.
I have read about and tried MCP for the last couple days and it looks
really interesting.
I'm working now (in my spare time) on spiking integration for RainCatcher
project with MCP.
Focusing mostly on using external sync and Keycloak service.
As  a team we will widely benefit from MPC (it will simplify our OpenShift
Additionally team can upskill in OpenShift and MCP while delivering this

*Jira epic:*


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