[feedhenry-dev] Upcoming Red Hat DevNation Live Tech Talk: Domain Driven Design for Mere Mortals

Burr Sutter bsutter at redhat.com
Tue Oct 17 18:15:05 UTC 2017

Read the online version <http://app.engage.redhat.com/e/es.aspx?s=1795&e=1369944&elqTrackId=fc409f5d88c3479882e4f1f360fadd5e&elq=9f2d863939d941448201b05f4f27fe6c&elqaid=42694&elqat=1>.                                                                      

"Red Hat"                                                

Hi RedHat,

Join the Red Hat DevNation <http://app.engage.redhat.com/e/er?s=1795&lid=67000&elqTrackId=a7ab1b52a43e4aa2a1e160b4c41e6375&elq=9f2d863939d941448201b05f4f27fe6c&elqaid=42694&elqat=1> for an upcoming live session on October 19, 2017. Justin Holmes, senior application architect, presents Domain Driven Design for Mere Mortals.

Domain-driven design (DDD) is a proven approach to building software that people love, and that delivers lasting business value. Unfortunately, the way we commonly present DDD in the community has made the subject feel academic and complex.

Join this tech talk, where we’ll:
*Focus on the surprisingly simple core principles that make DDD so powerful.
*How other teams of mere mortals are establishing and maintaining domain-driven design in software projects

Speaker: Justin Holmes, senior application architect, Open Innovations Lab, Red Hat

Justin Holmes is a passionate consultant who helps teams deliver better software products, faster. He is a fan of methods that lead delivery teams toward shared understanding and technologies that capture that understanding in software. Justin is active in the Behavior Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, and Lean Product Development communities. You can also find him helping customers accelerate their innovative ideas in Red Hat® Open Innovation Labs <http://app.engage.redhat.com/e/er?s=1795&lid=67001&elqTrackId=5cdb008b617f49e6b5da3ba33c228f26&elq=9f2d863939d941448201b05f4f27fe6c&elqaid=42694&elqat=1>.

Register Now <http://app.engage.redhat.com/e/er?s=1795&lid=67000&elqTrackId=e9d3628bb9fb4983bf454448acf8e2db&elq=9f2d863939d941448201b05f4f27fe6c&elqaid=42694&elqat=1>

For more information and to view the schedule, click here <http://app.engage.redhat.com/e/er?s=1795&lid=67000&elqTrackId=65ade01dc5a64b7c9ae2d4b5deab7be1&elq=9f2d863939d941448201b05f4f27fe6c&elqaid=42694&elqat=1>.

We hope you join us!

Burr Sutter
The Red Hat Developer Program


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