local apps how-to

Peter Scheie peter at scheie.homedns.org
Mon Dec 8 14:21:09 UTC 2008

Odin Nøsen wrote:
>> and sound) work out of the box with F9 as a local app. This is really
>> good news. We can have an entire class watching a youtube with pretty
> Which box? :-) The ordinary Fedora9 with LTSP-server installed or the K12linux LiveCD?
> I just installed F9 with ltsp-server and there is no automatic installed Firefox w/flash
> (and sound).
Neither.  Flash is not Free Software, meaning we can't (re)distribute it with 
the LiveUSB nor with Fedora 9.  Installing Flash 10 is pretty easy now, but 
since we can't include it, the question becomes should we just have some 
documentation on the website about how to install it (it's only about five 
steps), or should we create some icons/installers that go on root's desktop that 
install it, similar to what was in K12LTSP?  If the latter, we'd have to 
maintain a repo to store them, or get them into RPM Fusion or some other repo; I 
don't think we could use the Fedora repos because of the license issues on 
Flash, even though we'd just be providing an installer.  So, that all gets 
rather messy, which leads one back to just providing a short how-to for 
installing Flash.  Same is true for some of the other add-ons that came with 


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