help me...! customizing the grub

magesh kkmageshcse at
Sun Dec 21 17:51:56 UTC 2008

Actually i want to use grub..... becoz so that users who want to use the
storage devices in the thick client can boot via grub.....
grub has a possibility for booting via pxe
i have tried pxe grub
it works
but now i want to use the gfxboot

any idea anyone?

LiFe is "just tryin out things to see if they work"

On Thu, Dec 18, 2008 at 8:26 PM, John Ellson <ellson at>wrote:

> Magesh,
> This is your project, and perhaps you have other reasons for basing this on
> grub, but it seems strange to me:
>   - using grub requires a hard disk, but LTSP has worked really hard to get
> rid of that.
>   - as Warren pointed out, LTSP doesn't use grub now.
> I'm not really an LTSP expert, so other people might have better ideas, but
> if your goal is to allow the user
> to select from multiple operating systems on an LTSP client, couldn't you:
>   - have dhcp provide a simple console boot-image-selector in the initial
> tftp transfer.
>   - have the boot-image-selector initiate a second tftp transfer, from a
> location based on the user's selection.
> Perhaps this boot-image-selector coud be adapted from gfxboot?
> Just trying to help...
> John
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