RHEL5 and fuse

Warren Togami wtogami at redhat.com
Tue Jul 8 03:02:20 UTC 2008

Darryl Bond wrote:
> What is the RedHat's policy for adding  additional kernel modules? It
> isn't verboten as I have seen some drivers added to RHEL4.
> Centos has the Centos Plus repository that has extra useful kernel
> modules like jfs. Pity RH don't have likewise.
> Still, RHEL targets Enterprise servers. The stuff LTSP needs is pretty
> squarely in the desktop end. I know that RH purport to support
> enterprise desktops but while the equivalent of Fedora Extras doesn't
> exist then I don't think they are really trying.
> Darryl

You sir have to get your facts straight.

Here addresses one of your concerns.


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