proposal for a few changes to ltsp package

nilakhya chatterjee weba at
Thu Jul 10 11:20:53 UTC 2008

yes Aleksander you are perfectly right. the ltsp-server-intitialise
and dhcpd-update scripts are buggy  i am releasing the bug fixed
scripts in few hours from now after a thorough test

please also make it clear to use ltspbr0 interface in ltsp-server.conf
file ....located at /etc/ltsp to start your ltsp-server-initialise

actually in my thought the " ltsp-server-initialise - y "  command
needs not be invoked when we are using a  bridge device to handle all
dhcp request from ......ltsp clients

ltsp-bridge device concept is new and i am working on the ltsp -server
-initialise script to get along with it ....

On 7/9/08, Aleksander Trofimowicz <aatrof at> wrote:
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> From: Aleksander Trofimowicz <aatrof at>
> Date: 2008/7/7
> Subject: proposal for a few changes to ltsp package
> To: wtogami at
> Hello,
> Relates to ltsp-5.1.9-1.fc9.src.rpm.
> While using the ltsp-server package I found a couple of small errors
> in bash scripts, I guess. Basically errors results from wrong
> expectations of what ipcalc should give on its output. At least this
> is the case when I use ipcalc found in initscripts-8.76.2-1.x86_64
> package on Fedora 9. Another change fixes a regexp error. I prepared
> patch against a sources of the package.
> There is also question about dhcpd-update perl script. Beside that the
> bad handling of ipcalc output applies here too, I wonder what the
> purpose of this script is, as it requires the very same network,
> namely, in a /etc/ltstp/dhcpd.conf file. Or maybe I
> missed something?
> --
> cheers,
> aleksander trofimowicz

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