LTSP-SERVER-INITIALIZE script fixed !!!!!!

nilakhya chatterjee weba at
Tue Jul 15 13:49:37 UTC 2008

answer to the first part of your question  ..... please view attachment

answer to third part of your question .....
-        $orignet = $orignet . ".";
-    }
+       $orignet = $orignet . ".";
+         }

 there is no actual working differences in above lines they are not
different except mis alignment caused the diff to show changes

answer to the second part of your question .....

dhcpd-update script is actually used to modify the values of ip pool
in the "dhcpd.conf" file located in the /etc/ltsp directory
particularly in case when we modify the ltspbr0 ip address ( address
of the ltsp server) in ifcfg-ltspbr0 (/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/)

previously when we used eth0 device in case of a bridge device  the
administrator himself or with the ltsp-utils package set the ip of the
eth0 device which was constantly referenced for dhcpd.conf  file
modification suitable for ltsp server based processes.

now as the default dhcpd.conf & ifcfg-ltspbr0 file is bundled with
LTSP-SERVER distribution using the ip pool along with
the default ip of for the ltspbr0 device instead of  ip pool used previously. ltsp-server-initialise ,
dhcpd-update script was left unedited with the default pool still /24 which creates the whole confusion.

either we dont touch the ltsp-server-initialize part and continue
doing manual /etc/export (nfs) and /etc/hosts configuration or we
carefully use the new updated dhcpd-update script,that also requires
the understanding of ltsp-server.conf and ifcfg-ltspbr0  files.

i think while not using the ltsp-server-initialize script makes us
more responsive in terms of creating all configurations , it also
somehow limits the customization of  ip pool we may use with the
bridge so the updated ltsp-server-initialise not only helps auto
configuration thats what nubies like, it actually helps customize our
server ip pool that we all administrators love.

thanks for writing warren

On 7/15/08, Warren Togami <wtogami at> wrote:
> nilakhya chatterjee wrote:
>> please test the following scripts as the modifications for the
>> ltsp-server-initialise  script and its helper script dhcpd-update
>> place the ltsp-server-initialise script in your /usr/sbin directory
>> place the dhcpd-update script in your /usr/share/ltsp/scripts directory
>> and use the command ltsp-server-initialise -y
> Thanks for looking at it.  Here are some comments...
> 1) Could you please submit proposed changes as unified diff format
> patches?  bzr diff does unidiff by default.  Otherwise diff -u will do it.
> 2) I don't understand the purpose of dhcpd-update.  Can anybody explain?
> And is this really safe?
>> @@ -39,8 +52,8 @@
>>  while ($nm[$i] == "255") {
>>      if ($net) {
>>          $net = $net . ".";
>> -        $orignet = $orignet . ".";
>> -    }
>> +	$orignet = $orignet . ".";
>> +         }
>>      $net = $net . $nw[$i];
>>      $orignet = $orignet . $orignw[$i];
>>      ++$i;
> 3) Why this change?
> Warren
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