volume settings don't persist after client reboot

William Fragakis william at fragakis.com
Tue Oct 21 17:34:25 UTC 2008

Is it possible to add such configurable variables, commented out, to the
lts.conf? Or does it become a Fedora only change (in which I should make
the suggestion, instead, to the ltsp developers). If someone as
knowledgeable as Peter has to ask about it, hope for us mere mortals is

Likewise, the file that specifies the target server (in case we use our
ltsp server as a boot server and point the clients elsewhere). It took
me a long time of digging to find where that configuration had fled to.
Sorry to forget the file name as I've put away the F9 k12linux drive for
installation tomorrow at school.

btw, my new install worked great once I imported the old isa soundcard
settings from my old lts.conf for our Dell GX1/A test clients. 


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> Peter Scheie wrote:
> > On my Dell Latitude thin clients, the sound volume is at maximum for
> the 
> > first person to login after the client is booted, which is startling
> & 
> > annoying (and probably frightening for small children).  Lowering
> the 
> > volume will persist after the user logs out and logs in again (and 
> > perhaps even if a different user logs in?  Can't remember now).
> But 
> > once the client is rebooted, it goes back to maximum volume no
> matter 
> > who logs in.  I would have thought the volume setting would be
> stored in 
> > some Gnome file local to the user, no?  Further, it would be nice
> if 
> > root could set a default volume level for all the clients.  Any
> ideas?
> > 
> +    [ -z "$VOLUME" ]           && VOLUME=100
> +    [ -z "$PCM_VOLUME" ]       && PCM_VOLUME=90
> +    [ -z "$CD_VOLUME" ]        && CD_VOLUME=90
> +    [ -z "$FRONT_VOLUME" ]     && FRONT_VOLUME=90
> This is in the code.  These VOLUME settings are default if these
> options 
> are not otherwise set in lts.conf.
> /var/lib/ltsp/i386/lts.conf
> You may want to adjust only VOLUME, because the others are impossible
> to 
> adjust in the mixer on the client.
> And no, user sessions do not save ALSA mixer settings.  That is
> handled 
> by the initscripts during startup and shutdown, but the file saved 
> during shutdown is lost completely since this is a diskless client.
> Warren Togami
> wtogami at redhat.com

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