how to use fed10-12 as ltsp server for redhat 5

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Fri Apr 2 17:52:32 UTC 2010

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The CentOS server would run a service like LDAP or NIS to  
authenticate users and it would also hold the /home directory, which  
it would export to the Fedora server(s) over NFS. When you setup  
Fedora, you have the option to authenticate over NIS or SAMBA or  
LDAP. You can also have it mount /home over NFS from the CentOS  
server. Your network would look like this.

                                   |              |
                               Fedora    Fedora
                              |         |         |          |
                        Client  Client  Client Client

On Apr 2, 2010, at 4:29 AM, roland wrote:

> On Fri, 02 Apr 2010 10:55:44 +0200, Almquist Burke  
> <burke at> wrote:
>> What you might try is putting the login system and the /home  
>> filesystem on the CentOS box. (You can use Samba, NIS, or LDAP for  
>> the login system and NFS to share out /home. Then you can has as  
>> many fedora 10+ servers running the actual applications. This will  
>> make it easier to upgrade your LTSP servers since it's just the OS  
>> and applications on them and not the user/data stuff.
> So, what you mean is that the fedora installation will be used as  
> login-server and present me his home desktop and applications? And  
> CentOS will be used as a dataserver through Samba and nfs.
> Roland
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