[K12OSN] Thin Client Project

Daniel Loomis dloomis at cox-internet.com
Thu Apr 1 18:44:32 UTC 2004

I am currently gearing up to see if Optoma 300 / ANT TC-5000 thin
clients can be converted for use as LTSP clients.  I will try reflashing
the WinCE DiskOnChip with an Etherboot image. The terminals are readily
available in quantity on eBay for $25-50.  If this works, it could make
it possible to get some very nice, silent, thin clients for very little

The thin clients come with 32 mb ram, but use standard pc100 SDRAM if
more is needed.

The network interface is provided by an onboard rtl-8139b.

They are equipped with Geode 233mHz GXM processors and support chips
that provide cpu, audio and video (VESA up to 1280x1024).  If anyone is
familiar with this chipset and can suggest possible settings for sound
and video, I would appreciate it.

I have ordered an ISA-bus chip carrier for use in reformatting and
copying Etherboot onto the existing 8mb DiskOnChip.  I will start with
the standard etherboot floppy image.  If that fails, I will use DOS and
install etherboot.com on the chip.

Anyone with experience using M-Systems' DiskOnChip feel free to offer
suggestions, as this is all new to me.

Dan Loomis

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