[K12OSN] Lost MACs in routing ....

norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Fri Apr 2 15:03:42 UTC 2004

Dear K12LTSP Sages....  :-)

I'm stumped and need help with a problem that .... well shouldn't be a 

Here's the specs!

First setup;

Cable Modem -> K12ltsp server -> hub -> thin clients & MACs (Both office 
& teaching)

this setup worked most of the time until the k12ltsp server was 
restarted ( just due to rewiring, not server problems) & then the MACs 
lost their connections until they were retarted .... but everything did 
work well

Second setup; (to allow for more growth and to separate the lab 
(thin-clients) from the office (MACs)

Cable Modem -> Router-> (a) K12ltsp server -> hub -> thin clients & MACs 
                                  -> (b) hub -> Office MACs
Here the Server, clients and the Office MACs work very well but the 
Teaching MACs cannot get out to the router ?????

The IP setup is as follows;

Cable Modem -> (DHCP)Router (> (a) (Static eth1 server & Gateway(static eth0 
->(DHCP) hub ->( - 253) thin clients & MACs (teaching)
                                  -> (b) (DHCP - 200)hub 
-> Office MACs

The thin clients & the server & the Office MACs all work well but the 
Teaching MACs cannot get "out" ??? They do get an IP address & can ping 
the server & the workstations but not the router!

Any & all help is greatly appreciated



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