dahopkins at comcast.net dahopkins at comcast.net
Fri Apr 2 17:44:13 UTC 2004

> Am I just missing something here?

I doubt it, but ..

> I see many posts about mixing Windows and linux (*nix) (oss servers) and 
> keeping the same home directories and etc.
> unless I am just missing something, what is so hard?

It isn't hard, just different, and until someone has set it all up once, it can be confusing (Think about trying to explain network shares, mapped drives, drive letters and how they aren't local, etc.  I have teachers whose eyes roll the second I mention opending/browsing to the network share drives.  Now I just ask then to open the T: drive (T is for Teacher) or whatever drive I map for them.

> I have windows users using linux (samba) servers and they use the same 
> home directories on the server they could use under linux on the same 
> servers.  I use either, and have no problems finding my data no matter 
> which workstation OS is being used (a terminal with K12LTSP, W98, WXP or 
> W2K).

I have a teacher who loses a file on a download from email. Forgets where she saved it.  She currently has about 1000 files in her home directory.  I can't seem to get across the concept of sub-directories.

> Please enlighten me about all the fuss about home directories. . .

Perhaps this would be a great addition to the wiki on how you set it all up.  I know that I would find it useful.

Dave Hopkins

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