Basha Krasnoff krasnofb at nwrel.org
Fri Apr 2 18:59:26 UTC 2004

Justin, I am encouraged by your comments and the support you received for
your suggestion about a Web site in defense of OS and LTSP.

I am an education researcher for an independent, noprofit education research
and development lab (NWREL) in Portland OR. My work group supports educators
who are integrating technology into the teaching and learning process.
Several years ago, we began getting serious inquiries about the feasibility
of adopting open source software in K12 education.

Our research-based Web site Open Options: Making Decisions about Open Source
Software for K-12 was developed in response to expressed needs for practical
information and decision-making tools.

It would be very valuable to us if you and others who support your
suggestion would have a look at our site and let us know what you think.
www.netc.org/openoptions. The site was built with federal-funds we received
as the Northwest Educational Technology Consortium at NWREL. It does not
advocate for any solution just objectively considers the issues and draws on
the experiences of current users.

I am seeking current K-12 open source software users to address questions
about the issues, challenges, accomplishments, and costs of adopting and
implementing a new technology like Open Source. We would really value input
from the K-12OSN community. Please consider taking our 10-minute online
survey (www.netc.org/surveys/oss) and if you can spare 15-30 minutes on the
phone (or even through e-mail), your insights and experience will be shared
(anonymously), by means of our research analysis, with other educators who
are considering or newly adopting open source.

I wish you success with your work, 

Basha Krasnoff
Research & Evaluation Specialist
Technology in Education Center (NETC)
Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory
krasnofb at nwrel.org

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The biggest barrier that I run into is the "But my software won't run on
that so we can't use that system" (end of discussion)

The other is "But its not "" (insert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Windows,

The fact that it would save a lot of money doesn't seem to make it to their
central processors.  We also are going to start laying off teaching staff
this year.

We should really setup a web site that has links to documents and other info
in defense of OS and LTSP.  Something that tells a level (read honest, true)
reality of them.

Justin Paulsen
IT Coordinator
Frederic School District
Frederic, WI  54837
(715) 327-4223
paulsenj at frederic.k12.wi.us

"The world is open, Are you?"

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