Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Mon Apr 5 23:52:32 UTC 2004

This is what happens when administrators get "big grants."  If they 
don't have to pony up themselves, then they don't care what they spend, 
be it for support or for the actual item!

Don't give up, though; I haven't, and my shop's likely worse than 
yours.  If you're looking at OpenGroupware.org, then you might consider 
looking at SuSE Openexchange Server.  I'm sure that, given their support 
of educational institutions, they'd be willing to at least shoot you an 
eval copy to try out.  Since you're considering Novell eDirectory, and 
Novell owns SuSE, this might be a good match.


Brian Chase wrote:

> Give it up, your manager sounds committed in the Microsoft direction.
> Shawn Iverson wrote:
>> On Friday, April 02, 2004 8:46 AM Justin Paulsen wrote:
>>> In place of AD you might want to look at Novell's eDirectory.  It runs
>>> on Linux.  As for the mail server try using a directory driven one like
>>> Novell's Groupwise, OpenGroupware.org (pain to setup last I tried),
>>> Oracle Colaboration Suite, Sun's mail server (wouldn't recommend this
>>> one), Sendmail, etc.  Then use a client that will interface with it 
>>> like
>>> Evolution, OpenGroupware.org has a web interface, Novell has both a
>>> client and a web interface, sendmail has a web interface, sun has a web
>>> interface (again wouldn't recommend this one), etc. and they can all 
>>> run
>>> on Linux. :)
>> eDirectory may be my only chance at grabbing the corporate "steering 
>> wheel."
>> I think I will attempt to campaign in favor of it.  My basic 
>> understanding
>> is that eDirectory is not operating system specific.  I spoke with my 
>> boss,
>> and he has said that since he received a large grant, he wants to 
>> proceed to
>> an AD domain.
>> Btw, has anyone tried egroupware?  Is it a promising alternative to
>> Exchange? I am not impressed with OGO because of the proprietary 
>> connectors
>> needed.  I don't necessarily need a client-side app. running the show.

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