[K12OSN] Looking for page-maker-like app.

Huck dhuckaby at paasda.org
Thu Apr 8 00:38:25 UTC 2004

Actually our yearbook ppl are doing everything via the web next year.
Supposedly no need for anything other than a browser...and I believe it
is Justins..Jostens or something like that.

(not the yr book guy)


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  -  > Anyone know of a pagemaker-like application for Linux? =)
  -  > 
  -  > Something to teach page layout and design...
  -  > Even something as basic a ms-publisher maybe...???
  -  Um, isn't Scribus supposed to be like that?  Sorry, haven't really
  -  used Scribus, and haven't touched PageMaker in about... 10-15
  -  -bill!
What I would like to see would be for a school yearbook manufacture like
Justins (and/or others) support linux and Scribus.  This would end a
"gotta have Windows" excuse.

Jim Rich

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