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Sat Apr 10 08:02:01 UTC 2004

Thanks again David.  This is excellent info.  I have had problems in the past
with almost every setup I have used with at least one platform.  OSX Server has
given me the best tests so far but I refuse to use the overpriced hardware with
almost no redundancy and Windows just plain sucks in this area.  I'll check out
this baltra and see what it is about.  

Quoting David Tisdell <penguintiz at yahoo.com>:

> Jim,
> One other issue with OS X, OS 9, Samba and netatalk.
> When a connection is made to the server with netatalk,
> the resource fork information is stored in a hidden
> directory. (If I remember correctly it is .appledouble
> but I am not positive of that. I would need to look it
> up.) This is created by the netatalk daemon. If an OS
> X client establishes a connection to the server via
> samba, then the client is not aware of the resource
> fork information and the file is unusable. A file
> saved to the server from an OS X client with a samba
> connection will store the resource fork information
> difeerently. The client creates a hidden file (I
> forget what it is called)on the server with the
> resource fork info. Netatalk is unaware of these
> hidden files. Files saved from an OS X client to the
> server via samba are unusable from a client connected
> via netatalk. There is a project called baltra to map
> the 2 file types so that a client can use either type
> of connection and have the files be usable but I
> haven't tried it. When I first heard about it, Samba 3
> was required and it was a late alpha at that point.
> If you have your OS X clients use netatalk 1.x, they
> may need to save to the desktop and then copy to the
> server by hand.
> netatalk 2.0 is in its first beta which I belive uses
> afp 3.0. You could try that for maximum compatability
> but it is only the first beta.
> Dave
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> Subject: RE: [K12OSN] Re:View Multiple share points
> with Netatalk and
> 	vsFTP
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> Dave,
> Thanks for the extra info on AFP version, I didn't
> know that.  We have
> OSX, OS9, Windows 9x-XP, and Linux clients here.  So I
> will be forced 
> to
> run Netatalk and Samba.  We also need external access
> from home for
> teachers and students to the main files server for all
> platforms so I
> will also be forced to run FTP (Users could connect
> via AFP over TCP 
> but
> that still leaves trouble for Windows users).  
> I have set up netatalk, samba and FTP before.  My
> problem is mostly 
> with
> if I set up share points in netatalk, how to I mirror
> the same share
> points to samba and even FTP if possible?  I am
> thinking that with FTP 
> I
> may be forced to just settle with them logging into
> their home folder
> and calling it good.  But I would like local users to
> see the same
> directory structure from and client whether using SMB
> or AFP.  I have
> thought of just dumping users into a /home and letting
> them traverse to
> whichever folder they need since they won't have
> permissions to access
> folders they aren't supposed to, but this is a
> cumbersome method and I
> like to not have users even see folders they don't
> have access to.  
> On my Windows server with Serv-U as the server I sould
> set up aliases
> for each user in FTP for any other directories they
> had access to, can
> vsFTP do the same?
> Ultimately I would like to log in via AFP, SMB, or FTP
> directly into my
> /home/user folder by default, then if possible have
> aliases within that
> folder to take me directly to any other folder I have
> priveleges to say
> /home/publicdrop or
> /home/teachers/teachername/homeworkdrop.
> If the previous isn't possible maybe have it where if
> I log in via AFP 
> I
> see 3 mount points to choose from, via SMB and FTP
> three folders to
> choose from.  I am sure I can get these results via
> AFP but am lost on
> how to do it with SMB and FTP.
> I also could just give users multiple usernames and
> passwords for
> different types of access but they have enough trouble
> remembering one
> :-)
> Anyway the info you have offered helps, Thanks
> In the end I am sure I will just realize I am asking
> for too much :-)
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