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Mon Apr 12 11:52:43 UTC 2004


Thanks.  I wish Chancery would just make a decent package that uses what it needs and lets the OS do its job.  Just one more reason I really, really do not like the Winschool product.  Unfortunately, NCS doesn't have a viable option for getting rid of this package just yet.

And now I get to call the school to troubeshoot why comments on the report cards didn't transfer over correctly (again).  Hello Monday.

Dave Hopkins
> dahopkins at comcast.net wrote:
> <snip>
> > 30+ sessions of Type to Learn run very well, but launch just 4 or 5 
> > instances of Eclass Grades( Winschool) and it can bring the server to
> >  a halt.  In fact, each Eclass session uses a full 'cpu'.  I have 
> > never tried to track down exactly why.
> > Sincerely, Dave Hopkins
> According to Chancery, it's "normal" for the winschool administrative 
> console, and eclass grades and attendence to take a 100% of a cpu's 
> resources. It's "supposed" to release resources as needed for other 
> processes, but I'm sure it's not taking into account running on a 
> terminal server.
> Either way, I'm not happy seeing my P4/2.2Ghz machines pegged at 100% of 
> the cpu all the time.
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