[K12OSN] Installation Halt!

rogertuanis roger at quetuanis.info
Fri Apr 23 01:48:24 UTC 2004

Hi everybody!

I have the last version of K12 4.01!

I have a dedicated computer just to test/install/play with K12! The hard
disk is a SCSI, just this one installed. I checked the HD with Partition
Magic AND with the Adaptec utilities to be sure it's fine. Also 128 RAM!

No error at all! K12 load everything, install the Adaptec host card, see
even the monitor I have, the CD and the mouse and begin installation.

I for sure, test the check sum and also check my CD for any errors with the
Fedora utility!. PASS!

Everything go straight up until the installation of the openoffice.org-1.1
0-6. Here is the error message:

"There are some erro installing openoffice.org.... This can indicate media
failure ( no way been tested), lack of disk space (no way, it's a 18 gig HD)
and or harware problems. This is a fatal error and your install will be
aborted. Please verifi your medai ( I always recheck it ...just incase) .
and try to install again!"

I intalled the server option, the desktop option and in both cases it stops
at the office org package!

Any clue!



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