[K12OSN] Student problem

Jim Hays haysja at sages.us
Wed Apr 28 02:53:13 UTC 2004

To create a "drop box":
I will assume that the students all belong to a group named "students" 
and the teacher's username name is coojo

1)  mkdir /home/dropbox
2) chown coojo:students /home/dropbox
3)  chmod 730 /home/dropbox

Have the students save their work to this folder using a unique 
identifier for each student.  (For example: smithsa-p23 could be the 
assignment on page 23 for the student with username smithsa.

As for the pornographic web site, install DansGuardian, either on your 
K12LTSP box or on a firewall that the K12LTSP box goes through.

John P. Conlon wrote:

> I have a lab teacher who needs things set up so that her students 
> can't print unless she enters a password at their desktop.  What is 
> currently happening is that the students are typing extremely nasty 
> notes to her and because of the lab layout she hasn't been able to 
> catch the culprits.  The students are using Open Office for their word 
> processing.  Two things that I can think of would help her solve this 
> problem but I don't know how to implement them.
> 1. How can I create a drop folder for her that is accessed through 
> OO's File Save As command?
> 2. To prevent students from printing unless she has approved their 
> work, how can I set up a password on the OO print feature?
> This same teacher has also had problems with students entering 
> Pornographic Internet sites when her back is turned.  What changes do 
> I need to make in the users file to deactivate Internet access for 
> thoe students?
> Please be fairly detailed in any set of instructions.
> Thanks
> Bye
> Pat
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