[K12OSN] Putting folder icons on user desktops

Brian Chase networkr0 at cfl.rr.com
Thu Apr 29 03:09:22 UTC 2004

oops, forgot one step, between 3 and 4

    chown <group> <groupdirectory>

Brian Chase wrote:

> I'll respond with an alternative to what your propose in question 3.  
> My guess is, everyone likes graphical stuff, so their first 
> inclinations is to do something with the desktop.  I hope to read 
> other responses to this thread and learn about that myself.
> Now to my suggestion.
>   1. Create a "group" for each different class in "users & groups"
>      configuration however you would normally do that, I like Webmin to
>      do this, but there's a GUI for this administrator tool in GNOME
>      and KDE as well.
>   2. Edit the group to add the members of the appropriate class by
>      their linux username.
>   3. For each group created, make a directory under /home for that group
>   4. chmod 730 /home/<newgroup>/
>        for each of the groups corresponding to each classroom
> Now, from the root GUI, open up nautilus, navigate to /home, right 
> click on the appropriate dropbox, and select make link, then drag it 
> to the desktop, then drag it to "push icon to all desktops" icon.
> Logout root, save settings on exit.
> Done, that drop box is on all users' desktop.  Not the complete 
> solution you're looking for, but close and functional.
> Cheers,
> Brian
> John P. Conlon wrote:
>> I'm still working with the drop folder from the "student problem" 
>> messages.  Thanks for the info on those but here is my next couple of 
>> questions.
>> 1. How can I push a folder icon to a users desktop and have it stay 
>> there even is the user resets his destop?
>> 2. Once the folder icon is on the students desktop how can I keep 
>> him/her from chucking it into the trash?
>> 3. Our typing teacher teaches 7 classes so I plan to create 7 drop 
>> boxes, one for each class.  Is there a way that I can put each 
>> class's folder only on its desktops?
>> For the person who stated that the room should be rearranged, we have 
>> tried to get our district to rewire the room for that reason.  They 
>> have said no so we're stuck with outlets around the walls.  We have 
>> arranged the room as best possible but if the teacher leaves her desk 
>> to help a student then she has her back to most of the lab and I 
>> don't know how you can get around that problem.
>> Thanks
>> Bye
>> Pat
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