[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

Joe Guenther jguenther at chinooksedge.ab.ca
Fri Apr 30 15:05:08 UTC 2004

I think some is being a bit TOO idealistic.  In our school division we are
fortunate not being a total MS shop.  We use a lot of Novell servers, Mac X
servers, Linux servers, Sun with SunRay thin clients ... Win desktops,
oodles of Mac desktops, PC laptops, iBooks ...

I am in the process of setting up a High School with a LTSP LAB.  I set one
up at the local public library as well.

We use OpenOffice on the PC whereever possible on new installs (to save
preciously scarce education funding ...and is quickly becoming less & less
... yes even in oil rich Alberta ... go figure!!!)

My philosophy is "use what works.  Use the best of breed."  And Linux is not
the best in every situation.  It is NOT suitable for many desktop
installations, as we are using applications for which there is no open
source alternative.  SO that is life, and I have no problem with that.  Use
what is best for a situation (that also means don't just assume that the
current standard, or what used to be installed is still the best for that

So WHO CARES if we use an MS product to discuss opensource / LTSP???  it is
a non-issue!!!  Use what you have to use to get the job done best.  If linux
/ open source alternative are not upto the job - so be it!  But if they are
by all means use them!

Keep an open mind.  That also includes being open to using MS products if
they do the job better.

???? shaking my head ????
Joe Guenther

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Accidentally by leaving show all headers option I discover many ardent
K12LTSP supporters using M$ mail clients .... ahemmmmm .... practise
what we preach? Even if you are using OS environment that is beyond your
control FLOSS / Free mail clients could be a way of showing your
As I said no flames please.
Sudev Barar
Learning Linux

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