[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

dalen dalen at czexan.net
Fri Apr 30 18:03:06 UTC 2004

Jim Hays wrote:
> Amen to Huck on both issues.
> I prefer top posting as well.  I don't want to re-read all of the reponses to 
> a message to get to the new information.  

	I bottom post because that seems to be the norm for many newsgroups. 
However, I agree that it can be a pain to scroll down to get to the new 
info.  Perhaps Mozilla mail (and other clients) need a setting to 
implode old sections of mail.  And explode them on demand.  Sort of like 
the block images from server in the browser.  You could replace old text 
paragraphs with a ">" followed by a number of "." to represent how many 
levels of reply.  Another option would be to show n lines before each 
new text section (default to 3 or so) and hide the rest.  Perhaps some 
mail client already does this (or this is already on a todo list).



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