[K12OSN] Teacher Forums

Jason tuxnician at execulink.com
Mon Dec 6 00:58:56 UTC 2004


Actually I've been to sites that used phpbbs and it works very well. 
One sign in allows access to various conferences or forums.  All forums 
are listed on the main index page and you can choose how you follow the 

I thought of a bbs since it's web based (easy to access from anywhere) 
and some teachers hardly ever check their email (no offense to any 
teachers here!).  They can easily access it from work or home.


> If you are interested in more than one thing it is very inconvenient
> to have to bounce around to dozens of forums in different places
> with different styles and different login conventions compared to
> having email drop in a mailbox you would be checking anyway.
> What's the attraction?

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