[K12OSN] thin clients

tom Lingenfelter tmlink52 at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 6 13:46:16 UTC 2004

Last week I started to put together a LTS.  I have it
up and running.  It is a test server, which I have
attached to our schools network.  My next project is
to get some thin clients to boot from this server.  I
have some old Dell OptiPlex GX110s.  I took out the
harddrives, CDs, and floppy drives.  It looks like I
should leave the floppy drive long enough to load some
information into the memory of the NIC.  I'm not quite
sure what to do here.  If anyone could give me some
help here I would appreciate it.  I'm new to Linux,
but trying to learn as fast as possible.  This is a
great project.

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