[K12OSN] LTSP Teacher Forum

Bryant Patten opensource at whitenitro.com
Wed Dec 8 17:52:38 UTC 2004

Jason -

	Some of us that met at the Christa McAuliffe Technology conference in 
NH last week decided to start a mailing list to share ideas about 
increasing acceptance of Open Source solutions into schools in the New 
England area.  As part of that effort,  I mocked up a PHPBB system.  I 
just put it up last night so there are no posts to it yet but the plan 
is to spark some ideas about what kinds of topics might be useful to 
discuss.  Take a look and let me know what you think.



On Dec 8, 2004, at 8:52 AM, k12osn-request at redhat.com wrote:

> I believe that something like PHPBB would work great because it can be
> access anywhere (especially on the LTSP terminals) without special
> software or the same computer all the time depending on the email
> program they are using.

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