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RE: [K12OSN] Netboot OSX from Linux

> easy..i se everything is in the one big file..the 
> ltsp-ppc.tar.gz should look like /opt/lts/pcc when you are 
> done.. dhcp is on port 67..take the pieces you need and add 
> them to your dhcpd.conf..the option routers is important..and 
> that funny looking option 
> and that funny looking encapsulated stuff
> so apple first downloads yaboot from /tftpboot-which download 
> yaboot.conf which specifies kernel and initrd names--which 
> downloads kernel and initrd which then nfs mounts the 
> filesystem.. so you need yaboot yaboot.conf kernel and initrd 
> in /tftpboot..notice that for whatever reason the full 
> pathname is specified in yaboot.conf.. use the ip of your 
> server from openfirmware (not mine 8~)) 
> chuck

Okay.  So I'll simply expand ltsp-ppc.tar.gz to /opt/ltsp/ppc

Then put the following files from apple.tar.gz into /tftpboot

Then replace my existing dhcpd.conf with the following one included in
apple.tar.gz (with all refs to changed to my server IP).

I imagine that if I replaced my ifcfg-eth0 with your file I could leave
dhcpd.conf alone?

Then do I need to do anything with exports and hosts files?

Once done just reboot my mac clients with "cmd+option+o+f", type boot
enet:ser.ver.add.ress at the command and I will be running a true thin
client out of any new world Mac.

Can I remove the HD's from these machines just like I would with a
standard thin?

Will this LTSP server still boot i386 machines when finished or just

If this is accurate you can pretty much bet what I am doing this
weekend.  Thanks again Chuck.

If I get this to work I will try to create a step by step procedure for
everyone else using new world macs with LTSP.  I will also be building
Netboot OSX Server, and a Netboot Linux test server as well that will
boot OSX disk images so I can see which I like better.

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