[K12OSN] RAID Chunk Size

John Baillie jbaillie at stmarys-school.org
Fri Dec 10 21:18:05 UTC 2004

I just finished setting up raid on three servers. Two with software raid
(k12 Ver 4.1) and one hardware on a 2003 server.

None of these servers are for storing data, /home is located on another
server. I went with raid 0 on the two k12 servers and raid 5 on the 2003
server. I chose 32 MB chunk sizes because I figured that would give the
best performance since I wasn't dealing with large files. These boxes
are still in the burn-in stage so I'm not adverse to making changes if
any of you local raid guru's think different chunk size would be better
or for that matter partition scheme.

It took me a couple of tries to grasp the process to add software raid.
I configured k12 servers thusly:
2 36 GB scsi
* A 1000 MB swap on both drives (ended up being 997 MB each)
* A 101 MB  ext3 /boot on first drive (You cannot have /boot on raid0
* A 101 MB partition which I named /bootpad on second drive (I lost the
link but somewhere I read you need to have an identical size partition
as /boot on the second drive. (I have not verified this is indeed true.)
* Created raid partition on each drive using all remaining free space
and mounted / on the raid device.
* There is an option where you layout one drive with a partition scheme 
and copy it to your other drive/s but it failed for me. So I created
both manually.



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