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Re: [K12OSN] Asus SP97-V Motherboards

On Wed, 2004-12-15 at 11:00, Jon White wrote:
> (In an effort to minimize the variables in figuring out if these
> computers will work as clients, I've been using the same AMER.Com C110W
> card (w/ RTL8139 boot disk) in all the computers, so I don't think the
> NIC is causing the problem.)

I ran into a very strange problem with an asus board recently but that
was with an on board sis nic.  However it is worth a try:

The symptoms were similar to those you describe and I tried everything I
could think of.  Finally I noticed that the light was still on on the
motherboard even thought the PC was off.  I took a long shot that the
nic was still powered and had not total reset (some nics only
clear/reset certain functions based on the power).  I simply turned off
the power supply switch (pull the plug) and waited for the light on the
motherboard to go out.

When I restarted, it worked fine.


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