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[K12OSN] ready to deploy new k12ltsp and now... (crindge) FP / IIS problem

I have been a busy guy the last three weeks. I was hoping for some help
but it didn't pan out. None the less I am all geared up to deploy our
k12ltsp expansion over Christmas break.

* Purchased all manner of hardware 
* Built two new k12 servers installed the OS 
* samba-LDAP installed and ready to go to replace the NT PDC
* Installed 2003 terminal server loaded software and working with
* I have run new cable to provide private k12ltsp segment to the
* etc, etc

I really, really, hesitate to put this forth this question here but I'm
at a total loss. I spent the better part of today trying to track down a
problem with our NT 4.0 IIS server and I have MUCH better things to do
than mess around with that NT box.

If anyone can help me figure this one out I'd be eternally grateful.

Suddenly we are having problems logging on to server with FP from some
machines on the LAN. We are using FP 2000 sp1a. I cannot get any of our
new XP machines to work and now some 98 machines via standard method. I
can connect via network neighborhood and from the Internet.
Error is similar to:

"Cannot connect to web server. Have the administrator check the
FrontPage extensions..."

I have tried numerous suggestions found on technet and on the web to no

Prior to the problem, this iis server has not been touched and none of
my preparations for k12 expansion has touched any existing

I had this problem a couple of years ago when I first put sme /
dansguardian on line. The fix back then was to add local IP address of
web server to hosts file on all boxes with FP installed. 

My first thought was the hosts file. I tested the machines in question
by pinging the server and it returned the private IP address of the
server so I know I'm not dealing with any proxy / dansguardian related

FWIW: I have installed FP extensions on apache in the past here at home
and can set that up at the school and finally be done with that server
or I can move the teachers web sites to our off site co-location server
but I'd rather not. I am a one man band here and there is only so much
one guy can do at a time. Retiring this iis server has been on the back
burner for a long, long time now but is NOT how I want to spend my time
at the moment.

Thanks for any help,

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