[K12OSN] A non-X10 solution

Paul Vittorino wiz8 at mac.com
Tue Jun 22 14:28:28 UTC 2004

On Jun 22, 2004, at 2:38 AM, Chris Thomas wrote:

> Hello,
> Recently, I was looking for a web hosting company. At
> one company, they had a "virtual tour" of their data
> center. An interesting item that they had was a power
> strip that contained a nic in it that allowed someone
> to remotely cold boot a computer, router, whatever.
> They could tur off and on the power to any plug
> remotely. I am looking for a similar item so I can
> reset my dsl modem at work. I know that X10 has a
> similar product that is able to control lites, power,
> and stuff but I am not a big fan of their products.
> Does anyone know of such a product?
> Chris
APC makes such a thing. Quite pricey though. From their web site:
" APC’s Switched Rack Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are premium 
solutions to many of the power management problems seen in today’s IT 
environments. Some of the problems are unauthorized use of power 
outlets, locked-up equipment, in-rush current, overloaded circuits, and 
the need of remote access to power outlets in the rack. The Switched 
Rack PDUs address these problems through individual outlet control, 
power on and off delays, current monitoring, alarm thresholds, and 
network management. Individual outlet control allows users to turn 
outlets on, turn outlets off, or recycle power to equipment, which can 
reboot locked-up equipment and avoid unauthorized use of outlets. Power 
delays allow users to determine the order in which equipment is powered 
up or down. Utilizing the power delay feature will avoid in-rush 
current, which can cause overloads. Monitoring the current draw at the 
rack level is key to avoiding downtime due to overloaded circuits. The 
Switched Rack PDUs provide an aggregate current draw, which can be 
viewed remotely or locally, via digital display. In addition, alarms 
will be generated based on user-defined thresholds to alert users of 
potential circuit overloads (NOTE: Currently available on select models 
only. Please see feature list for availablity per SKU). Users can 
access, configure, and control the Switched Rack PDUs through Web, 
SNMP, or Telnet Interfaces."


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