[K12OSN] Sharing Windows Applications to the desktop

Mike Lichtenwalner mll at mtwp.k12.pa.us
Fri Jun 25 12:06:09 UTC 2004

Terrell Prudé, Jr. wrote:

> ...but if you've just got to run, say, SASIxp (a friend 
> of mine had it working with WINE), you can.

Hi Terrell,

I would LOVE to hear more about running SASIxp under WINE! I tried this 
just a couple weeks ago and ran into font problems and screen redraw 
problems. My school district is trying to find a way to run SASI via 
LTSP, and I would greatly appreciate any information you or your friend 
could share. Please feel free to reply off list.

Mike Lichtenwalner
Technology Specialist
Manheim Township School District
Lancaster, PA

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