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troy banther troybanther at plateautel.net
Wed Jun 2 17:02:33 UTC 2004

Wow. Oracle, IBM, Novell, schools, cities, and private midrange
companies going Linux. I know I am on the right path of learning Linux
every day.

Man I wish I could find a Linux-based job in New Mexico. One that would
pay more than 28k a year for slopping Win every day.


On Wed, 2004-06-02 at 09:30, Access Systems wrote:
> On Wed, 2 Jun 2004, Scott Sherrill wrote:
> > I think the phrase "the real world uses Windows" is the next big
> > point we need to address.   The same statement has been mentioned at
> >
> > Perhaps we should compile a list of companies that are using Linux on
> > the desktop. If we could illustrate and document that companies large
> > and small are using Linux and switching to Linux on the desktop
> > perhaps we could dispell that statement?
> OK in the spirit of whateverr
> my company, Access Systems, consulting engineers
> we are not large by any stretch but we have been
> 100% linux in all applications for over 5 years and partially used linux
> alongside MS/DOS for a number of years before that. we NEVER used windows
> in our office.
>   and I'm getting dern tired of having to retrain new employees when they
> get here because they have no clue how to actually use a computer. all
> they can do is turn on windows.  most when they get comfortable with linux
> pick up a copy for themselves, or at least OO.o  (probably snagged from
> thier computer at work) which doesn't bother me.
> we have an absolute rule though, IF ANY WINDOWS (proprietary) Software is
> found on thier computer under thier password they are immediately
> terminated, and they cannot load any proprietary software without
> permission.
> (knock on wood, we have NEVER had a virus or trojan or anything, get into
> our system and do damage, an occasional new virus will get past our
> firewall but has always been inert)
> so from the real world.
> Bob
> I also use Dvorak keyboard on my computer but that is another issue
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