[K12OSN] D Day

Dennis Daniels ddaniels at magic.fr
Thu Jun 3 01:54:38 UTC 2004

What part do you think should be wiki'ed? I personally don't mind trying 
to sift through, this...


Calvin Park wrote:
>>Perhaps we should compile a list of companies that are using Linux on 
>>the desktop. If we could illustrate and document that companies large 
>>and small are using Linux and switching to Linux on the desktop 
>>perhaps we could dispell that statement?
>>Off the top of my head:
>>* IBM - switching to 100% Linux on desktop in 2005? (anyone have an 
>>article to support?)
>>* Haliburton - 13,000 desktops switching in 2005 
>>* Ford - I swear I heard Ford was considering the switch on Slashdot.
>>* Largo, FL
>>* ?
> Well, not sure what this might be worth, but our college is switching to
> an all Linux Computer Center for Fall of 2004. Moreover, almost all of
> the systems that students have access to (Finicial Aid, Library, etc)
> have already been switched to Linux. Again, not sure if this would sway
> anyone over, but it is an example of how HS students will run into Linux
> as early as college.
> Is anyone actually writing this down? A wiki perhaps?

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