[K12OSN] KStars: blank SEDS images

Robert Arkiletian robark at telus.net
Thu Jun 3 04:41:31 UTC 2004

Right clicking on a heavenly body in KStars will usually bring up the "Show 
SEDS image" option. The image downloads but it will not display with KStars. 
The image window is blank. 

I can save the image okay, though. This problem only exists on my clients. 
They are all nvidia riva 128's. However, on the server which has an on board 
ATI rage pro chip the images appear properly (regardless if I log in as root 
or a user). However, on the clients, even as root I do not get an image (just 
black space in the image window)

So it's not a permission problem. I figure it must be a problem with 
XF86Config for the clients and server being different. 

I have enabled 24 bit color (as the riva 128 can't do 16 with xfree86 4.3) and 
set XSERVER = auto in lts.conf. I even tried XSERVER = nv, no luck. The damn 
images are just gif's and jpg's. Any video card should be able to display 

I looked at top (interactive A option) and I found the program was 
----------kdeinit------------ that was trying to display the images. 
I don't know anything about kdeinit but it must somehow call an image viewing 
mechanism. Somehow the client xserver is not able to display the downloaded 
image with kdeinit. 

Can someone try to view these celestial SEDS images on their clients and 
confirm this behavior??? KStars is an awsome program worth the effort.

BTW I'm using k12ltsp 3.1.2

Robert Arkiletian
Eric Hamber Secondary

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