[K12OSN] What am I missing

John P. Conlon jconlon1 at elp.rr.com
Wed Jun 9 00:44:19 UTC 2004

I am trying to get the sound in my dumpster terminals to work.
The server is using an AMD Athalon 1gig with 1gig of RAM.  The onboard 
sound chip is an AC-97  which works great in all modes.
I am running K12LTSP 4.0.1
The terminal has an AMD K6-2 400 with 256 Meg of Ram and a Sound Blaster 
CT4810 PCI card.  When I try to use the mixer in the terminal I get the 
message about permissions which I have checked and did have to change.  
The message also suggested that something was either not turned on or 
wasn't installed.  If that is the case I don't know what it is or where 
to find it.  The XMMS (WinAmp) program opens and I can access the audio 
files and they appear to play but I can't hear them.  I can see the 
audio files on a CD with GRIP again they appear to play but I can't her 
them.  The sound card came out of a Windows machine where it was working 
so I believe the card is good.
I looked at the things for activating sound in the lts.conf file but  I 
left it as it was especially since I'm using a PCI card not an ISA card.
What do I need to look at and do to make things work properly.  Any and 
all help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.

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