[K12OSN] ReiserFS vs ext3 ?

Terrell Prude', Jr. microman at cmosnetworks.com
Fri Jun 11 11:30:23 UTC 2004

Andy Rabagliati wrote:

>[ My single datapoint .. on a school Thin Client network, but not K12LTSP ]
>Anyone else have opinions on the use of 'bleeding edge' distributions
>(Fedora) in what I view as a production environment ?
>Cheers,   Andy!

Indeed, I do.  My philosophy is:  don't do this unless you really do 
have no other choice.  No, I haven't yet upgraded my K12LTSP 2.1.2 
server, other than security fixes; it's in production and working just 
fine, thank you.  As the SMP issues with Fedora Core 1 showed, and some 
of the reports I'm hearing with Fedora Core 2 are indicating, running 
bleeding-edge stuff in a production environment makes sense only if 
you're Microsoft testing you latest alpha/beta code, and you have major, 
major funding for both system administration and software development 
right there on your corporate campus, as they do.  Otherwise, no way; 
people need to actually get work done and trust that the technology (a 
tool, remember) will do what they need it to do.

There is a reason why Julius runs that HP-UX dinosaur in his shop.  It 
works.  It's also why both Trustix and Red Hat, for their server 
distros, stick w/ the 2.4 kernel; it works and is proven.  Even SuSE 
sticks with proven code for their enterprise server distro.  The only 
reason we run "T" releases of Cisco IOS on some of our routers is 
because we need CDP across ATM, otherwise we'd never do that.  We're 
moving to TLS in a year or two anyway, and when that happens, we can cut 
out this "T" code business.

That said, have a blast in your test environment with the latest stuff 
and submit bug reports.  You bet!  :-)


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