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Re: [K12OSN] server hardware advice needed

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jim phillips wrote:
| Hi all,
| We are server shopping for a small school.
| Looking at a system from Ironsystems. M1520 with a rioworks HDAMA mobo,
| dual opteron, 4GB RAM.
| Any input from those who know?
| We will have 15 to 30 clients.
| thanks
| jim

We suggest this as a baseline for a 20+ lab.  Ram and additional CPU
power should be purchased according to your projected application use.
We use software raid for the system drives, and we use hardware raid for
the backup/data drives.  The drives are in removable racks to permit
easy removal in time of disaster or for repair.


For schools here in Hawaii not afraid to DIY, we suggest that they order
the above components and we help them to assemble it.  If buying from a
vendor, it enables them to better understand the cost of hardware and
the value that integrators provide.

- --scott

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