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[K12OSN] Upgrade woes -- backspace key no longer works on some terminals

Hello everyone: School is out and we decided to upgrade to the latest and greatest. Calvin tells me it is known as 4.1.0 alpha 7 (I think it is FC2).

Some of my terminals are having issues with the backspace key (and sometimes the delete key) don't work properly. Anyone have any idea why this would be an issue when it has never been an issue before? (Also having some problems with monitor/video issues and xserver, which I nearly always have when we upgrade.) I have been trying for three days to find something somewhere that would help me with the backspace key issue, but have come up zero.

Calvin did the install on both servers (in his spare time) and I have been working trying to get more terminals up and running, beginning the process of cleaning the machines throughout the school getting things ready for next school year. He will come in if he can over the weekend, but I hoped I could solve some of these problems myself.

Is there some documentation I should read that points out the differences between ltsp 3 and ltsp 4 that might help me in the future?

Thanks everyone,

Rita Gibson

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