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Re: [K12OSN] Netatalk Permissions not working

Jim Kronebusch wrote:
Could you just write a script that located all .AppleDB files and chmod 777 on them so that even if they were owned by someone else the new user would

The problem is that the files are created only when the first apple user logs in. I even thought about getting a "good" copy of the file, and restoring it every 10 minutes or so, with chmod'ing it etc. However, restoring a "good" copy of .AppleDB doesn't work right, and creating an empty .AppleDB folder doesn't work right either.

I really did try to make my life easier with cron -- but to no avail.

(lol -- I never did get clamAV to stay running, so I still have a cron job kill and restart it every 20 minutes. It's been working like a charm all year. Gotta love the low-tech fixes.)


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