[K12OSN] No flames: Why use M$ offerings?

Yancey B. Jones ybjones at one.net
Sat May 1 20:07:02 UTC 2004


> other than the approved mail client program.  (And in come 
> cases that is Outlook - whether you like it or not.)  Some 
> users are not afforded the option of using other mail 
> clients.  (Fortunately, I am and I have chosen to use Thunderbird.) 
> Other list members are novice users who may not even know 
> that they is an alternative.  They are here to learn more 
> about Linux and K12LTSP.  
> For that, they should be commended instead of ridiculed. 

And some us us - like myself - choose to use Outlook even though I have a
Mandrake system running right next to my XP box. It is my choice to do so
because I happen to like Outlook 2003 better than Thunderbird, Kmail, and
Evolution (even though it is a close 2nd) and also because I like to sync
with my iPAQ and I can't do that with Linux yet. So how about showing
support for one of the tenents of OSS - freedom to CHOOSE. Let me choose my
mail client and don't bug me about it. When I send a virus to the list (I
have NEVER sent a virus to anyone) or post an HTML email, then feel free to
say something about it then. When syncing with a PocketPC device becomes
fully realized on Linux, then I may revisit my choice (but then again, maybe
not - it's my CHOICE).


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