[K12OSN] Novell and LTSP

Jim Kronebusch jim at winonacotter.org
Fri May 7 14:39:40 UTC 2004

> After talking with Nat, a couple of Novell engineers, a few 
> people who were at the Novell dog-n-pony show on tuesday, and 
> some friends, my attitude is that of pride.  Pride in the 
> fact that what we have been working on for the past 5 years 
> or so has been recognized by one of the largest software 
> companies in the world and they see potential in what we have 
> created.  I for one, am impressed by what Novell is doing 
> with Ximian and SUSE.
> LTSP is NOT what I do for a living.  It's my hobby and my 
> passion. It just amazes me that a bunch of people can get 
> together in their spare time and create something that can 
> have such an impact on the world.  
> Right now, there are schools all over the world using LTSP
> to deliver computing to children who would otherwise not have 
> it. There are people in Brazil, some of whom are homeless, 
> without a street address, but they have an email address, 
> because LTSP was used by the government in what is called the 
> 'Telecentros'.
> There are small companies popping up all over the world, by 
> people who believe they can make an honest living by 
> deploying Linux and LTSP based solutions in schools and 
> libraries, government agencies and businesses, such as 
> doctors and lawyers and architects and hardware stores and 
> heck, the list goes on and on.
> To me, that is so cool.
> At this point, I'm very interested in what Novell can offer 
> to our little project.  At the very least, they are helping 
> to legitimize it.

I think this speaks volumes about the open source community and its
benefits.  Anyone involved in such projects should have an enourmous
sense of pride over what they have helped accomplish.  The idea of
companies like Novel and IBM taking OS under their wing to help develop
it will create so much more confidence in users and help remove some of
the small inadequacies.  I am excited, thanks to all of you for your
excellent work. It is just mind boggling to me to think of those with
such intelligence for programming and a ton of monitary earning
potential, to use their time in this fashion, with no expectation of
future monetary payoff.  

Thanks again.

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