[K12OSN] [Ltsp-discuss] Novell and LTSP

dalen dalen at czexan.net
Fri May 7 21:39:34 UTC 2004

Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Fri, 2004-05-07 at 15:07, Matt Ross wrote:
>>That's a thought: a Cluster LTSP server... Need more power? Add a node 
>>to the cluster. Could it work?
> It could but not easily.  Openmosix could do it in theory but several
> people on the list have mentioned problems trying to use it and
> I'm not sure it knows how to share memory among instances of common
> apps.  I think an interesting approach would be some sort of
> service location protocol where an app server would advertise its
> services, capacity, and load so when someone on a client clicks
> a menu item or icon to start an application it would automatically
> start on some machine already running that app with available
> capacity if possible.  That introduces some new issues about user
> authentication and preferences that could be handled through
> LDAP or Novell's Directory Services.

I wonder if Apple Rendezvous could be modified to do this?

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