[K12OSN] Quad 450's as K12 Server?

John Baillie jbaillie at stmarys-school.org
Tue May 11 01:55:55 UTC 2004

Thanks for the input everyone -

We'll probably just pass on accepting the donation or maybe take one and
use it for a file server but then again they are big and noisy.


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> >
> > > If you do a benchmark on a 1.8GHz machine, and the quad 450, you will
> > > find that the quad 450 does not even rank in the same ball park.  You
> > > also must consider that the ram that is in such a old machine will not
> > > be anywhere as quick as a modern machine would have.
> > >
> >
> >They probably would make very good file servers to hold home
> >or shared directories if the existing drives are big enough.
> >File service is not as CPU intensive as application service
> >and you could take advantage of the RAID and hot-swap
> >backplane.
> I want to amplify Mike's advice.
> Free Geek Michiana received two donated multi-cpu Compaq servers. They are 
> fine for file, print, web service but terrible for boot and application 
> service. Additional memory is very expensive as the specs are high and chip 
> volumes are low. So we never upgraded the RAM which limits the boxes' 
> usefulness. The servers are also very loud -- we nicknamed them the 
> Turbines. Great for heating small rooms. They are bullet proof, 
> figuratively. K12LTSP loaded on the servers without a problem. Debian 
> stable had difficulties which were resolved be upgrading to Debian testing.
> Tom

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