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Wed May 12 13:54:02 UTC 2004

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>> So I motioned the possibility of Linux - the computer teacher's
>> ears perked :p He's interested in it, but is basically 95% swaying 
>> towards Windows, despite the ridiculous pricing.  Basically, how
>> can I try to convince him to go with K12LTSP?  I really think
>> it'd help them - with the only problem being that he doesnt mind the
>> students playing networked computer games, but obviously 
>> with K12 that won't be possible.

Remember that these folks are not the ones actually *paying* the
10000 Euro bill.  If it were coming out of his salary, you'd likely
get a much different answer but to him, it's just a number.  Now,
tell him he can have 5 Microsoft machines or, for the same cost, 50
K12LTSP machines, and I bet you get his attention.  The problem is
that if he can get the 50 MS machines and it doesn't really cost
him anything, then why not?

You and I know that there are many costs beyond the initial license
fees.  Many of those costs are not obvious and come in terms of
time spent fixing things that are broken (for some definition of
"broken").  But once again, who bears the brunt of those costs?  Will
you be the one they call to fix things?  If so, then that doesn't
cost him either.  Also, many people have become so inured to the
realities of running Windows that they don't even notice the
problems as such.   It's like the car I drove in college.  It didn't
start well so I always had to park at the top of a hill.  Once it
was running, it usually worked fine but now and then it would stall.
Sure, I'd like to have had a nice, new car that just worked but
there was a sort of comfort in knowing my car.  It's crazy but there
you are.  I think some people are like that with Windows.

If there is some way to pass the cost on to those who want Windows,
you'll have gone a long way towards making them take Linux
seriously.  If not, they'll just say, "we'll take what we know."

>> He's had words with various other computer teachers (all use 
>> windows ... naturally :o)) and he's come back to me saying that
>> he's seriously thinking of windows - help me bring him to the
>> dark side! :D

Sounds like he's already been swayed over to the dark side, Luke.
Your job is to make him see that there is still some good in him.
There is, too, I can feel it. :)

The paper I wrote on this for our school (and the person in charge
**still** has not found the $3000 to make it happen) is here.


Feel free to use any portions that are helpful.

Henry Hartley

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