[K12OSN] VNC (Virtual Network Computing) question

Angelo Nera a.nera at didasca.it
Fri May 14 09:34:20 UTC 2004

1. I use VNC (vncserver and vncviewer) to view and interact with any 
K12LTSP server in my Lab.
It works fine !

2. I would like to be able to connect - via INTERNET - to a K12LTSP server 
located in another building in the Campus, view and interact with it.

Can somebody help me ?
Thank you.

Angelo Nera

The First Italian Cyber Schools for Lifelong Learning
Via Ragazzi del 99 n. 19
I - 23100 Sondrio SO (Italy)
T: +39 0342 513351
F: +39 0342 514953
U: http://www.didasca.it 

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