[K12OSN] 2.6 kernel on 4.0.1?

norbert bear2bar at netscape.net
Sat May 15 15:58:18 UTC 2004

Hi Tony,

Yup looks real easy ...... however I'd wait for the Eric/Jim 
implementation of K12ltsp with the 2.6 kernel. Having tried it myself 
for several days when 2.6 was released I can say that's it is not 
simple. During the selection of functions in the kernel I got several 
errors of libs missing... so I hunted them down, installed them to 
discover that they were not compatible with other libs & so on & so 

But if you're feeling heroic & want to forge ahead please let us all 
know how you fare  ;-)


anthonybaldwin at snet.net wrote:

> For my next trick I am considering actually updating to a 2.6 kernel.
> Anyone using 2.6 now?
> I've never updated a kernel besides with yum or apt.
> I found this:
> http://www.linuxelectrons.com/article.php/20040315152255759
> Is this advisable for a largely clueless newbie (2 years using k12ltsp)?
> I'm always eager to learn more, but not at the expense of hosery.
> (well, except that it gives me excuses to annoy the good folk on this 
> list with more stupid questions...)
> The howto makes it look rather simple.
> Or, is there a 2.6 in our repos, so I could do a
> yum install kernel-2.6...?
> tony

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