[K12OSN] Linux vulnerabilities?

aust_txv at ACCESS-K12.org aust_txv at ACCESS-K12.org
Tue May 18 12:04:33 UTC 2004

Hi Jonathan,
First, ditto's to Huck.  "Out sourced techies" huh...You mean the ones with 
their Microsoft certifications ;)  Just a joke...their are lots of MS 
certified guys that know their stuff.  Sure they spent a mint getting 
certified and anything new scares the crap out of them.  How can anyone say 
security and Microsoft in the same sentence ?  IMHO there is a huge 
difference between patching an issue with a package or service for example 
httpd vs. having RPC issues in the core of an OS.  I am having the same 
issue moving a church group from IIS to Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP.  Man ! that 
gets me fired up.
Have a nice day,
Tom Ventresco
Austintown Local Schools

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