[K12OSN] switching eth0 and eth1

Matthew Ross mross at esd165.org
Thu May 20 17:42:09 UTC 2004

Huck wrote:

>The easier solution is when installing k12ltsp...and you have the
>options to set up which network card does what...
>just flip-flop the configurations...
Yes, that would make sence, but doesn't LTSP do some magic to Eth0 and 
Eth1? I mean, it has to setup a NAT, and that's eth0 and eth1 specific. 
Changing the IP configuration won't fix that little tidbit.

Long time ago, you could pass arguments to the linux kernel at boot time 
which card got eth0, eth1, etc... but that was for ISA cards and I don't 
know if that's still possible.


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