[K12OSN] Samba 3/LDAP and smbldap tools...anyone?

Michael Williams mwilliams at haywood.k12.nc.us
Fri May 21 20:45:58 UTC 2004

> cool...I've actually been following that....one place I get hung up and
> I'm not sure how to read it...is the section just before 4.2.4 in the
> Samba-OpenLDAP How-To (the new one).....it talks about a file called
> ldap.secret that is supposed to contain  nssldapsecretpwd    now.....the
> ldap.secret file does not exit  (/etc/ldap.secret) and I'm not sure what
> to put in place of nssldapsecretpwd or if that text is what is supposed
> to go there.  ????   How do you read that?

>From what I remember and from my notes last year, that file
/etc/ldap.secret contains the plaintext password of the rootbinddn you put
in ldap.conf. It must be mode 600 and owned by root.root so that only root
can read it. You can create it by using the echo command:

#echo password >/etc/ldap.secret

otherwise you have to make sure that the line that contains the password
ends with enter so that the file contains two lines.

The rootbinddn is a "special" user that has access to read the
userPassword entries and supply them to the clients. It also has the
ability to change any users password.


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