[K12OSN] Management--in regards to IE requirement

Caleb Wagnon cwagnon at redbugmail.k12.ar.us
Sun May 23 23:15:49 UTC 2004

Les Bell said:
> But to be honest, the tools available for a network roll-out of IE (the
>IEAK), plus the way it works with roaming profiles, are way ahead of
Netscape >et al. That really frosts me, but it's the way it is. . .

Management is the big kicker with a lot of opensource goodies. We're moving to
Novell nterprise services for linux...since edirectory and all the management
tools are uber cool. For things like mozilla to become more successful...they
really need to work better with microsoft setups...since that still is the
primary OS in most cases. I mean mozilla is great for my workstation...but try
managing profiles, keeping it updated, and just rolling it out to 1,000
windows clients.
Caleb Wagnon
Technology Coordinator
Fordyce School District

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